Dear Blog Readers:

Yes, I’m still here.  You may have wondered about that since I haven’t posted an entry to my blog The Dinner Diaries of an Intrepid Amateur Chef ( )   since September of 2010.  If you’ve enjoyed the blog I apologize for this.  Presuming you’ve enjoyed my writings, I almost wrote writhings, you deserve better, you deserve consistency in regards to my output. 

However, life does in fact, get in the way.  Work schedules these days don’t leave me the time to cook as elaborately as I’ve done in the past and when It’s Bonnie and I, with a lamb meatloaf  and a mustard herb crust (very good), I don’t have the time to take pictures; we’re hungry and we want to eat.  I’ve written in the past about being able to put a dinner together quickly that’s wholesome and made with real food; not something from a box.  I still cook from scratch and cook some rather elaborate meals for Bonnie and myself, but the photos aren’t done, the blog isn’t posted and most sadly the meal isn’t shared with friends and/or family.  I refuse to post the hotdogs dinners that we sometimes have – not to say that they’re bad. 

Since I began the blog more than 14,000 of you have read its’ posts.  That’s not a huge number as far as some blogs are concerned; I haven’t pushed it out there.  My blog is the proverbial labor of love for me, but don’t think for a minute that ego doesn’t play a role too.  The love of food and cooking, the love and appreciation of family and friendship, the opportunity to highlight my skills (dare I write SHOW OFF!) and the opportunity to pass something on and to thank those who have taught me.  All of these are the muse for the few thousand words that are contained in each post.   Know that I very much appreciate the fact that all of you that have taken the time from your day to read my musings. 

From my perspective as the creator of this blog there is a mystery that has developed with the blog, or more specifically, your selection of the most read posting.  I have access to the blog statistics and they have shown that one particular posting is the most read, obviously.  However, this post is the most read by a long country mile. 

 In relationship to the 14,000 of you that have read the blog there have been more than 2,300 readings of the Summer Dinner Diaries; Sadness, Sweat and Excellence; The Docent Death Marches.  This was posted on August 6, 2010.  All of the other posts have numbers in the hundreds to low thousands. 

I think that this post is good, well written and presents memories that hold much for me.  However, there are many posts that I’m particularly fond of, some more so than this one.  So help me solve my mystery.  Tell me why you’ve found this post more – or less – enticing than the others.  Tell me if there are other posts that you’ve enjoyed more.  Help me to understand why the blog The Dinner Diaries of an Intrepid Amateur Chef continues to chug along despite its current stasis.  I would very much appreciate your insights.



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  1. Ed Schenk Says:

    I, too have backed off on my blogging but it’s still a great way to express ones self. It is gratifying when you do and someones reads/likes it!!

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